NEW FEATURE: Group Booking

What is a Group Booking and how does it work?


New possibilities for registering big groups of guests at PERE.COM


Here at PERE we always try our best to be innovative and to provide the best possible service for our users.  We recently introduced the possibility of getting commissions from phone bookings of a restaurant. By registering these phone bookings on the PERE platform our users get commissions from all of their bookings. 


Before Register a Booking functionality, it was difficult for Concierges to make an online restaurant booking of groups between  9 and 100. But now things have improved. How will you ask?


  1. Call the restaurant and place the booking of your group
  2. Register your group booking afterward with PERE.COM 
  3. There are no more steps – it´s as simple as that!


Have you tried a Group Booking and what is your experience with it?

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