High Spending Customers
Get Access to Hotel Guests

Hotel guests are spending 30% more compared to locals. It makes them an attractive customer segment that we give you access to through the PERE platform.

Improve Utilization
Fill Your Empty Tables

Pay a high commission on Mondays when you need the guests the most. Reduce it on Fridays when you can fill the tables yourself. PERE´s sophisticated commission management tool will help you to steer demand and improve utilization

Efficient Sales Channel
No Cure – No Pay

There are no sign-up fees, no monthly subscription fees and you can leave anytime you want. You only pay for the guests that we send you. And if a guest doesn´t show – please remember to register it with us within 72 hours and we won´t charge you.

How does it work?

No operational changes

Bookings via Bookatable or Opentable

You don´t have to change anything in your operational procedures; All bookings are made as Bookatable or Opentable bookings.


Track all bookings and get access to see top hotels´performance

Build strong relations with hotels

We will arrange test dinners together with you to get the hotel staff acquainted with your vibe, food and service

Desktop Pere

Got questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we pay for no-show guests?

No. You have 72 hours to register no-show guests with PERE. All guests registered as “No show” will not be invoiced.

How can I see if a guest is coming from a hotel?

All bookings are send via the restaurants current reservation system. If you get a booking from PERE it will be a hotel guest.

Can I offer hotel guests a little extra?

We strongly encourage you to offer a little extra “on the house” to our guests. This can be a free welcome drink, a special avec or whatever will make their visit to your restaurant unforgettable.

How will you make concierges aware of our restaurant?

Concierges book restaurants based on their Personal Recommendations. PERE will, together with you, arrange test dinners and competitions to get the concierges to visit your restaurant.

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