Be the Best at your Job
Improve Guest Satisfaction

Recommending a restaurant as a local – shows authenticity and trustworthiness for your guest, leaving him with an unforgettable experience. With an overview of all available tables in your city – it has never been so easy and fast to book a table.

Become a Foodie
Join the Dining Experts

Join us for exclusive test dinners at restaurants, monthly competitions, yacht trips and other exclusive events. Become a foodie and get to know your colleagues from the hospitality industry in town.

Get Paid
You Book – we Pay

For every booking you make – we pay you. Our top performers make up to €1,500  extra every month for doing what they have always been doing – booking restaurants and giving excellent service for their guests.


How does it work?

You book

No downloads. Just log in on your personal profile and book a table at your favourite restaurant for your guests.

The guests dine

A confirmation is sent to your guest along with a link to a Google map that directs the guests to the restaurant

We pay

For every guest you book we pay up to €6.1. That´s €24.4 earned in less than 30 seconds by booking a party of four for a quality restaurant

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Got questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Which restaurants are you working with?

We have access to instant booking of more than 30,000 restaurants including some of the finest Michelin restaurants.

How do I join?

Press the “GET STARTED” button, fill in the form and receive an invitation. As soon as you have been confirmed it you´re good to go.

How much does it cost?

PERE is free to use. In fact we pay you for every booking you make.

What if the guest doesn´t show up at the restaurant?

The restaurants register every no-show guest with PERE. No-show guests are not eligible for payment of commissions.

How do I get paid?

You register your preferred payment details on your profile e.g. “Paypal”. We will transfer your earnings for every three months after reconciliation of all bookings.

Can I cancel a booking?

Yes – and it takes less than 5 seconds. Just find the booking in the booking history and select cancel. The restaurant and the guest will be notified immediately.

Improve guest satisfaction, enjoy free dinners, and get paid for every booking!

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