New Feature: Register Booking

Let’s be honest: We thought Concierges would have a preference for booking tables online. A full overview of tables, fast, reliable. But we were so wrong. Concierges sometimes prefer to call restaurants to book tables for their guests. You value your personal relations with the restaurants that in return might give you access to tables on otherwise sold-out days. And now we reward you for it.

Just register the restaurant booking you made over the phone/email with PERE. We make sure you get your commission transferred to your account for register bookings as well.



Don’t change the way you book tables.
Make a reservation either by phone, email or the restaurant’s website. As you have always done.




Let us know of that reservation.
Register your bookings afterwards on PERE.COM under “Other Bookings”.




Be rewarded.
Boom! Claim your commissions for every restaurant booking made.



Important notice:
Please remember to enter either the correct guest name or a reservation number to help the restaurant to identify the guest later. If the restaurant cannot identify your guest, your registration might be cancelled or registered as a no-show with no commission.




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