The Oldest Hotel In The World

Guinness World Record Holder

Nichiyma Onsen Keiunkan is 5-star ryokan in Hayakawa. With a history of 1300 years, it makes it to the Guinness World Record holder for the oldest hot spring ryokan in the world, making the oldest hotel in the world as well, being built in year 705! The hotel remains open today and was providing travelers with accommodation since the 8th century. It has been run by different generations of the same family for a millennium! That is 52 descendants! Truly mind blowing.





The Hotel is set in a valley surrounded by nature, this hotel offers natural free-flowing hot springs bath water throughout all rooms including the showers. Guests can also enjoy traditional Koshu beef at the traditional Japanese ryokan.










Over the centuries, it has grown quite a guest list, including everyone from highest-ranking politicians to samurais. The reason could be the major attraction – the hot springs – which has been there from day one. The hotel has been kept up to date with modern amenities, while the simple, calming design of the spaces and the mountains surrounding the inn make it feel as though it is still 705.




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