What is a Concierge? Who are The Golden Keys Society?

May I have your Check in?

Who stand behind the name of a Concierge? Who are the member of The Golden Keys Society and what do they stand for?

If you have checked in a hotel in your lifetime – there is a high probability that you have met a Concierge during your stay. A concierge is a role vital to the hotel industry as they create the first and last impression to a hotel guest. Their only worry is to ensure that every guest that stays in their hotel are granted discretion, are being served with the utmost respect and that any question asked is answered, all requests are considered and then dealt with in a timely manner.

A concierge is a person to be for your best interest, thinking ahead and always a step further.

A concierge will essentially do whatever you ask them to do – provided it’s legal and humanly possible. Services include anything form handling your emails or messages to recommending & booking local restaurants, getting theater tickets, shopping for you, booking your travel or even doing secretarial services.



Concierges are very versatile – they can carry out a number of job roles, ensuring that guests have an amazing overall experience during their stay. over the year, the Clefs d’Or concierges have honed their networks, their skills, their acquaintances(Celebrities, Government officials, and more) as well as their general knowledge, to ensure that travelers experience the very best when they stay at a hotel where they are based.

Les Clefs d’Or? The Golden Keys Society?

The Society of the Golden Keys, also known as Les Clefs d’Or, is an exclusive society for concierges that was started in 1929 in Paris (with just 11 concierges) in order to work together for the benefit of their guests. the aim of this society remains true to its origins and exists to develop friendship among concierges globally.

Today the society links over 40 associations worldwide. the French word Clefs d’Or translated into English means “Golden Keys”.



The Society of the Golden Keys is recognisable to hotel guests all over the world by the lapel pins of top concierges. The pins and status is awarded by Les Clefs d’Or. The recognition is synonymous with “excellent services rendered by a seasoned professional”. Those who wear the pin must perfect a set of skills. Summarize a perfect concierge skill traits in five:


  1. Communication – This is key crucial. Communication with guests take all of their time, more precisely, listening. Concierges listen carefully ant attentively to their guests requests to a positive experience for them.
  2. Friendliness – A concierge is the first person the guests sees and interacts entering a hotel. Therefore, concierges have to be extremely welcoming. A smile and kind words are always there, no matter how tired they may be.
  3. Organization – A concierge has to manage multiple tasks at once: Serving many guests, making appointments and arrangements for people.
  4. Local knowledge – A concierge provides guests with recommendations of local cuisine and attractions, giving their best solutions based on their geographical area.
  5. Professionalism – Concierges are representing hotels and are interacting with guests directly. They must act professionally for a transparent experience both for the hotel and guest. A Concierges professional demeanor will make the guest trust its concierge.
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    Great post and very interesting to learn about the worklife of a concierge. It is indeed an interesting profession. Love the movie btw 😉

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