Reward personal referrals the right way

Finally, an easy way to get customers in seats and reward loyal referrers.
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You wouldn’t throw money out the window, would you?

That’s exactly what happens when hotels ignore personal referrals as a profitable ancillary revenue stream.
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Your loyalty is worth more than free drinks.

Turn your personal referrals into real profits and get rewarded the right way. Top performers earn as much as €1,500 a month.
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You're still rewarding loyalty like it’s 1920

We think there’s a much better way to reward loyalty than free drinks, meals and cash payments.

It’s time to change the referral business

We believe hotels and concierges should also profit when making personal referrals.

Food delivery is destroying the restaurant industry

We see food delivery killing the business and want to help get real people inside restaurants.

PERE in 3 steps

  • 1. Hotel staff and concierges use PERE to discover and make restaurant reservations for hotel guests.
  • 2. Restaurants get high-spending hotel guests and pay a small fee for each reservation.
  • 3. PERE collects reservation fees from restaurants and shares with hotels and concierges.